Saucy Intruder Visits Local CD Duplication Studio

cd duplication

At Saucy Intruder we are very found of visiting some of the best places to find reputable music businesses. One of these places is CDMaker.

One thing that really stands out is their committment to quality cd duplication and the care they offer specifically for music duplication.

The reason why these systems interests us so much is because it is our job to at Saucy Intruder to inspect the safety of such components to insure a safe working environment for all factory workers. By doing these routine checks we are quickly able make sure the entire industry is not only working efficiently but safely too!

After visiting CDMakers we were quickly able to spot that this was indeed a quality place to get such product and that any band or artist or label thinking of doing business with them is in good hands. Everything met the quality requirements and the staff was also very knowledgable on all side of this issue

We give them a big thumbs up!

Best Albums of 2013

Rolling Stone Magazine just published a list (unranked) of the best albums released this year so far.

The first album mentioned in the Rolling Stone review was by Vampire Weekend – “For the first time, Vampire Weekend evoke the spirit of their old influence Paul Simon – making music with precise craft and soul that speaks to the heart of city life – without sounding anything like Graceland.”

Wow,  isn’t it great when artists make you think of another great artist without you thinking that they are copying the original artist. On American Idol in the early years that was pretty much a theme song for Simon Cowell.

Next on the list was Kanye West’s release Yeezus – and while it sounds like they thought this is an abrasive, aggressive creation, they thought it was more the artist driving himself to achieve more than trying to stay ahead of the pack.

Love or hate it, being a creative force is more of a mental game. We can all think of writers and film makers who did a great work and then had to sell out their writing so they could cast the film later on and consequently the artform suffers.

Not far behind they talked about Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. I always get a kick out of the unexpected and Rolling Stone described this as “completely ridiculous.”  What the hell does that mean? But they liked it even if it wasn’t what they expected.

I’m heading back into the listening room. This should give you a good idea if the article is worth your time.

You can read more about the list on the website this month –


Production Tips for Classical Guitarists

For classical guitarists looking to add to their discography, recording, editing and producing your own album is a great way to have ways to make additional money from your performance career. With arts funding always being a little shakey its great to be more in control. You can perform for a little less money than you’d really like but you have product to sell that can greatly increase your take home.

This is a checklist of things to consider.


Certain pieces depending on when they were written require what is called a mechanical license. Its not really mechanical given that this would also apply to downloads, but in general this is a fee paid to the publisher of the piece. Check with on their site and you can see if you need to address this or not. The rates are set by Congress so they do change.


After the recording, you’ll want to edit it together so that it comes really close to sounding the way you like it – even that high E. Doing things in one take, while noble, may not be practical so you should have recorded enough material to allow you to do a decent job without splicing all over the place.


This is where things are done to make it sound like everything – all the tracks where recorded under the same conditions and with a sound that is you but also something that the average guitar lover is accustomed to hearing in their professional classical recordings. You will most likely need to go out of house on this one even if you’re recording in your second bedroom.

An expert who has published a video on this aspect is a long time CD/DVD Business Owner. You can contact her through her Google Plus page if you have specific questions.

Meanwhile here’s the video –